The Project

This project was researched and created by a pair of Multimedia Arts Students from De la Salle - College of Saint Benilde, who seeks to create a possibility for Virtual Reality to be used in Education.

Virtual Reality is a three dimensional simulated world created with computer technology. This can be classified as many different things; video games, animated commercials, even the Computer-generated imagery or CGI in movies, but one category one would never have thought that Virtual Reality can be used on is Education. Before delving into the world of Virtual Reality and Education, how will this Research classify Virtual Reality in the first place? Is it just a simple computer-generated simulation were the user will be able to receive information through a monitor or is it something more. For this Research, the form of Virtual Reality that will be focused on is where the user will be able to use the most recognizable component in computer technology, a head mounted display or what we all call a VR headset.

Now delving on Virtual Reality and its uses on Education, one would need to identify what Virtual Reality can offer to the current Educational system and curriculum and what’s the current state of our Educational system that Virtual Reality and aid from computer technology would prove to be a valuable asset to an Educational institution for the development of its students for their future career. According to Nick Babich from Adobe, historically, most technologies are designed to aid learning by enabling access to a multitude of information in a single mouse click. However, even this widespread of information can prove to be too much a student as there can be too much input of information. In the current state of the Educational system, including the Philippines, there is too much input of information and data to a student, given in a short amount of time. With this sort of method, students get overwhelmed due to the massive load given by this amount of information.

This project presented now will be the start of a potential new era for education where Man meets Technology assisted education where People will be able to learn safe in a Virtual simulated environment with a sense of full immersion of life-like environments and equipment.