Palladius: Chemical Research Institute or PCRI is a Chemistry based Virtual Reality Experience for the Oculus Quest. You will step into the shoes of a Chemical Engineer intern in the distant future where Elements are easily obtainable with a single push of a button. It is your job to conjure up chemical compositions so that the company can further research it and deal with it if needed. Or do they?

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Story Mode

Dive into the Virtual world of PCRI. A Chemistry based company where they are the lead saviors of the world in terms of Chemistry. Fabricate, Mix, and Research on the wondrous world of Chemistry alongside your trusty A.I, C.R.A.I.G.

Atom Overload

Atom Overload is an extra unlockable content that unlocks after completing the Story Mode. In this mode the player will be set in an Endless mode where they’re given randomized tasks and will feature a points based system so they can sharpen their skills in Chemistry.

How to install?

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